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Used for dry herbs, this vape pen has a stainless steel herb chamber with a capacity of 0.5 grams. The “Orion” is a portable device that purely vaporizes your dry herbs, never producing any combustion. Not only is this a zero combustion vaporizer, but it also heats up in a mere 30 seconds. It always maintains a temperature between 360°F and 420°F. As a safety feature, the power automatically shuts off after 6 minutes.

In addition to the vape itself, the kit includes a retractable micro USB charger, cleaning brush, and packing tool. Also enclosed within the kit, there is a lifetime warranty card! This card provides the serial number of your “Orion” and also explains how to redeem the lifetime warranty via The Kind Pen’s website.

Regarding Orion’s appearance, it has a modern black matte color and finish.

Dry herb vaporizers are vapes manufactured specifically for use with dry herbs and tobacco. These vaporizers contain a heating chamber that uses convection technology. Vaporizing does just what it sounds like; creates vapor for inhalation rather than smoke due to combustion.

Free Bi-Level Aluminum Grinder Included! ($25 value)
Dry Herbal Vaporizer
Zero Combustion
30 Second Heat Up Time
1 Hovering Temperature Setting (380F – 420F)
Large Stainless Steel Chamber (.5 gram capacity)
Black Matte Durable Finish
6 Minute Auto-Shutoff Feature
Universal Micro USB Charging Port

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